Jul 12 2021

Most Common Misconceptions that People Have About

The majority of people have the wrong mentality about sex and escorts.  It’s a sad but brutal truth that many people label the escorts with cheap names as whores, losers, prostitutes, and whatnot.  But it’s an individual choice to choose the profession that they love to do.  However, some people with a cheap mentality still judge the escort profession and see it as a dirty job without knowing any deep reason or story behind it. 


Escort services have been going on from ancient times and practiced at almost every region whether it is rural or urban.  Some accept openly that they go to escorts while some still hide.  It’s obvious that everyone has a different mind and thinking but according to the survey, it’s found that most of the people have misconceptions about Private Escorts Melbourne jobs.


Below are the most common misconceptions about escorts and the wrong thoughts that most of the men have after seeing escorts.


1) All escorts are prostitutes

Well, it’s not a professional and legal job but all escorts are not prostitutes, some are just called to have fun and provide company at the business party or any event to add the extra enjoyment.

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2) Escorts are dirty and unhygienic

It’s a myth that escorts are unhygienic and dirty, in the terms of sex, escorts are very strict. Especially when you book an appointment with a reputed company, they follow every protection and prevention measures to prevent future issues.


3) A man who goes to escort is looser

Some people call the man without a girlfriend or partner a loser.  Obviously, a man is bullied always for his virginity and not having a girl with him.  But it’s okay to have an escort service if anyone is alone and not able to get a girl. Everyone has the right to fulfill their desires and needs for happiness.


4) Escorts can do anything for money

Reputed escorts have their rules and limitations about what to do and what not to.  But many people think that once they hire an escort service, they can do anything with her, but it’s quite a disrespect and the escort girl might not entertain next time any client in case of any misbehavior.

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5) Escorts consume drugs and are single mums

Not all escorts are drug addicts and single. Some work as escorts to pay their education and college fees.  Not everyone is blessed with a happy family and secure life like us.



Everyone enjoys different jobs depending on their choice and responsibility. Some do willingly while some do unwillingly because they might not have any option. It is wrong to judge anyone without knowing the full story.  Escorts are normal humans like us, who does job differently to survive and fulfill their needs.  Hope you found the blog useful and realize how would be the life of an escort. 


Escorts can be a good friend to spend a good time with, but make sure to choose the reputed company while going for escort service. There is a wide range of companies that provide Escorts in Melbourne but it might be risky to trust any random service provider.  To be on the safer side, always go through known and trusted people when booking appointments with escorts.